Sunday, 29 December 2019

A Prayer of Thanksgiving

         As we end this year 2019, let us express our thanksgiving to God for all the blessings that we have received this year. In spite of all the challenges that come along the way, we could still say that life indeed is such a wonderful gift for us.

         Let us be grateful for the gift of life that we cherish....for with it we are also able to share with others the real meaning of unconditional love.
That with our life, we continue to fulfil our responsibilities as models of good deeds to our children and to others;

         Let us be grateful to our good health and we pray for those who are suffering from any form of illness. With our good health, we are able to perform our responsibilities towards our workplace and we are able to mingle with others and promote camaraderie among ourselves; 

         Let us also be grateful for the gift of talents, skills, capabilities etc that we have acquired and developed in our life for with them, we are able to become positive members of our society and be examples of good deeds to others.

Monday, 24 December 2018

Being Consistent

Being consistent in all that we do is very much essential. Consistency also means that when we say something, this must also be shown in our actions. This counts a lot most notably in our everyday dealings with our children. We may not be aware about it but they are very keen on the consistency between our words and actions. 

They could be very vulnerable but somehow in their young minds, the issue on our consistency plays a very specific role in connection to their own development.

                          Photo by Riccardo Chiarini on Unsplash
We therefore become their concrete visual aids and on our part, it is somehow crucial that what is yes or no now must be maintained as is in the coming days.

If we fail to sustain that one, they will create a doubt on their minds and therefore they will start to question whether such thing is really yes or no, good or bad. We cannot teach them one thing today and tomorrow, this would become another thing. Citing for example the issue of using their gadgets like tablets or cell phones during the week. If we disallow them to use and play with them during the whole weekdays, we should maintain this as a rule and not to be disregarded every other day or week.

Let us remember always that our kids look up to us as their models for good deeds and we should live up to such expectation not merely due to our desire to teach them but because primarily we love them and we want them to grow more on a positive way.

Monday, 2 October 2017

Peep and the Big Wide World

          My 5 year old kid is a huge fan of Peep and the Big Wide World. He doesn't get tired watching the various episodes on You Tube. And as I try to observe him watching this show, I am also delighted for he learns several things from this animation. Just to give us a little background of the show, I researched on this one and found out the following:

         "Peep and the Big Wide World is an animated children's television series created by Canadian Animator Kaj Pindal and based on the 1988 short film Peep and the Big Wide World produced by the National Film Board of Canada,
which itself is based on the 1962 short film The Peep Show, also produced by the National Film Board of Canada.

          Carriage on the Discovery children's network ended on December 10, 2010 with the discontinuation of Ready Set Learn and the Discovery Kids with the Hub. "- Source- Wikipedia- the free Encyclopedia

         As my son watches the film, he is always amused by the three main characters like Peep, Chirp and Quack. The bond of their friendship is so strong that somehow, it allows them to hurdle all those challenges of this friendship. And in the midst of all their trials, their friendship emerges as a strong foundation to move forward. 

5 Year Plan 90% Duscount VPN           Thus, when you have a 5 year old kid or in any near age to that, do recommend this show for it will also allow your kid to be entertained and to be informed by the adventures of the main characters.  

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Courage Through Faith

          Struggles in life come in so many innumerable forms. No one among us could simply claim that they are strong but somehow, for  those who are able to survive life's crosses would claim that they are able to do so due to their firm hold in themselves and in their constant faith in their God.  

          Everyday in our life, we experience various life situations- some may be considered as trivial ones yet others become enormously significant that if we only stop from our busy routines as well as reflect on them, we will come into a realisation that they emerge as our pathway to be strong in this battlefield of life. 
imagecredit: Flordeliza Bernardino Eyles

        Constantly dealing with the everyday challenges of life, we feel that at times, we can't go on anymore....that it is too much for us to go on with the fight. Life at times could be very challenging and tricky yet it is on this time of emptiness and desolation that we find consolation in the embrace of the Most Powerful Being in life. 

        Thus comes our conviction and faith in our God. And no matter what name we attribute to Him but in His eyes, we are just the same. We are all special in His love and with this assurance, may we become more motivated to embrace life's not so favourable chapters. 

Monday, 20 March 2017

Staying Positive in LIFE

          On this post, allow me to share with you a few points on staying positive in life. This is very crucial since nowadays, it is a reality that so many among our brothers and sisters experience some sort of depression due to reasons which may for some are unavoidable. Too much thinking and worries about life's problems could resort for some to depression and at certain extreme point, there were those who ended their lives for failure to cope with the situation. 

However, if we just allow ourselves to appreciate the gift of life that we borrow from Somebody, then most possibly we would also learn to get up every time that we fall down due to pressures, problems, confusions and others. Here then are a few tips on being positive:

 1. " Understand the benefits of being a positive thinker;
2. Take responsibility of your attitude;
3. Make a plan to stop being a negative thinker;
4. Try music, read books about inspirational life stories and avoid being with people who are negative thinkers."

                                                               - Source:

          Thus by religiously following these tips, we will be able to get rid of all negativities in our life. Always bear in mind that there is no one who can help us in times of troubles but    we, ourselves. By being positive, we can keep ourselves away from all those negative vibes. 

         Furthermore, never allow any pessimistic energy to hinder us to stay vibrant in life. Surround ourselves with well spirited people and let us share among us the fruits of a positive life. Remember constantly:  ..... there is no one to blame for whatever negative experience we have in life, and let us learn to move on as well as keep our heads up to face each single day. 

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Ways To Welcome The New Year

          2017- this new year promises lots of things to all of us. The impact of its effect on us may vary on our individual capacity to do it. And welcoming it may also take different forms like the following:

1. Welcoming With a Heavy Heart- this is true for those who are unable to leave behind those grudges and hatred in their hearts. Even though year 2016 has passed yet they could not focus on the new year however, they tend to value the more what was painful on last year. Thus, the new year may seem to have no impact anything at all to them;


2. Welcoming with Excitement- there are those who are so filled with excitement to welcome the new year that they eagerly wake up each day to see all its surprise. So few things are ordinary for them. These include the artists, the dreamers, the adventurous and the like;

3. Welcoming with A Grateful Heart- this belongs to those who are so grateful for everything in their life. For this people, nothing is ordinary for them instead everything is so special that gratefulness must also be done in return;

4. Welcoming with All Smiles- this group is for those who are always positive in their life that no matter how many days were painful as of last year but this year promises something wonderful for them. They always have smiles in their faces that no problem of whatever degree could destroy or damage their day. 

          For sure, there are other forms of welcoming the new year out there but considering this short list for sure will already allow you to exactly identify yourself in one or two of them. God luck everyone for this new year 2017. 

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Life's Surprises and Man's Awareness

            As we embrace each single day, we are so lucky to constantly receive surprises each day. May it be a simple greetings from a long lost friend or a simple gift from a relative, or it could be a simple gesture of kindness from a total stranger...yet the element of surprise is always present. BUT let us always remember that it could only become as such if we also allow ourselves to be conscious of the element of being a surprise. 

          Sometimes, we think that LIFE is already so predictable. that we already think of the things that will happen before the process we lose the element of surprise to all those unfolding of reality around us. Remember always that life becomes an interesting journey when there is that element of surprise that goes to it. 

         Thus, even though you can already detect what comes next in an activity or in an event but still, learn to put a suspense to it so that life will continue to be full of surprises each day.